Why Choose Us

Holland Tax and Finance House (HTFH) is a firm offering an innovative service to companies considering establishing themselves in the Netherlands. With an experienced team of Finance and Tax professionals HTFH is able to offer essential services to a wide range of companies, including mini-MNEs.

Our expertise in both skillsets and local knowledge allows us to assist you with services such as tax advice, including application for the 30% ruling, advising on setting up your business entity, financial reporting, tax compliance and payroll.

What sets HTFH aside is the unique set of services, innovative mindset and an international character.


Apart from the Big 4 firms in the Netherlands, most firms only offer specialized services in a single, distinct area, for example, tax, bookkeeping, financial services etc. HTFH offers a full service approach at the intersection of finance and tax, leveraging our technological knowledge and capabilities to offer all of these services under one roof. Clients are now able to seamlessly access all services without the hassle of speaking with multiple parties.

With our expertise you can take advantage of our tax and legal expertise, easy to use technological financial tools and our experience with a wide variety of business cases.

Innovative mindset

Our founders, with extensive “Big 4” experience, had a vision of a company that would use and offer the state-of-the-art software solutions that enable you to have real-time insights on the state of your business in Holland. We help you establish a structure that suits your business, and tailor it to your changing needs over the course of your establishment.

Working on the cloud ourselves, we provide our clients the tried-and-true methods we discovered. Especially for firms that are working on relocating themselves or simply want to extend their horizons, you should not be bound to a specific computer on a single location. Our offerings are built to ensure that regardless of where you are and what device you have with you, the overview of your business is always at your fingertips.

International character

HTFH was created with a desire to remove the barriers that prevent foreign companies from accessing the benefits that the Netherlands can provide, including a vibrant, open economy as well as an excellent gateway into the EU.

In that spirit HTFH has a team comprised of young professionals with both Dutch and international backgrounds, with various fields of expertise and studies. This gives us the ability to create effective solutions with unique out-of-the-box thinking to give you the best possible result.

Expanding into waters uncharted to you can be tricky, but, with guidance from a local, you can discover the potentials that the Netherlands can offer you with great ease.