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Every client has their own specific needs and requirements. That being said, we have outlined four of the most important steps in order for you to set up and take full advantage of your new Dutch business entity.

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Set up your businessOnboard your employeesBenefit from the tax environmentOptimise your finances

Creating a business entity is one of the most important steps when expanding to a new country. Choosing the right structure and legal entity for your business is a small but vitally important step. Looking for an advisor with the appropriate skills, reputation and knowledge is often a time consuming task.

At HTFH we offer this service through our trusted advisors. This means that you can access excellent advice and create the right structure that works seamlessly to get your business off the ground in the Netherlands. With that, half the battle is already won.

When setting up a new entity in the Netherlands one of the most important things to do is to avoid risk and maximising incentives when onboarding new employees and setting up HR systems. In new countries there are a myriad of rules and regulationsthat you have to contend with.

Lower your employees tax burden with the 30% reimbursement ruling, effortlessly submit wage tax and income tax returns and apply for the appropriate pension and saving scheme. Quickly set up cloud based payroll solutions to simplify and improve the fundamentals of your employee payroll system. HTFH is happy to assist you with all these services and to tailor any further services to your needs.

The Netherlands is keen on stimulating innovation and to providing a business friendly location for organizations to do business in the Netherlands and the EU. The Netherlands has a network of nearly 100 bilateral treaties to avoid double taxation which in many cases reduces taxes on dividends, interests and royalties. A favourable expat tax program with a 30% personal tax income advantage for qualified foreign employees.

Furthermore, R&D Tax Credits (WBSO) allows you to benefit up to a tax credit of up to 32% and the innovation box means that you may be able to benefit from a tax rate of only 7% from certain intangible assets.

These are just a few tax and R&D benefits that HTFH will be able to access for your business. With decades of experience our HTFH tax team is able to create personal and innovative fiscal solutions for your business.

Finance is crucial for a well functioning business. You need to be able to access your financial information 24/7 from any location. You want to use modern, user friendly software to easily find the information you are looking for and beable to access professional advice when you need it.

HTFH uses state-of-the-art cloud based software solutions to enable you to have real time insights on the state of your business. HTFH helps you establish a framework that suits your business, and tailor it to your changing needs over the course of your establishment.

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